USA-26 One Life J/99

One of the cool things about the commissioning process is the disproportional joy you get when simple things get done.

Take today, for instance. I’m in San Francisco as I write this, attending a biotech investment conference held around this time each year, and I get a message from Ben at Sail Northwest with the following picture…

One Life’s pointy end is well and truly pointy now

Allow me to set the story up by saying this conference is a bit of a grind. My Monday, for example, was a two-hour panel starting at 7am, 10 back-to-back meetings between 9am and 2pm, another half-dozen meetings the remainder of the afternoon, two social cocktail events, and then working until after midnight adding three dozen slides to a slide deck we had to put together overnight for yet another early morning meeting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the job and this is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It’s the “Super Bowl” of my industry and everyone who is a player globally is here the same week each year. But after three days of this, even as a17-year veteran of the event I’m pretty fried.

When Ben sent me the picture, I appreciated it but I wondered why he was sending me another picture of One Life? In fact, if I wasn’t already multitasking a call, a SMS thread, and a time-critical email thread I probably would have asked him right then.

Skip ahead to my next back-to-back meeting…

In the middle of the conversation, I realize there was something odd about Ben’s picture of the boat. I try not to pull my phone out during meetings (I’ve had it done to me countless times and I always find it rude), but I was sorely tempted.

Meeting is fnally over and we’re saying our goodbyes. We both are checking phones — him his email, me Ben’s message. And I exclaim, “Bowsprit!” The fellow I just met with looks at me like I’m nuts, so I “have to” show him the picture to explain why I was just shouting sailboat part names at him.

(He was suitably impressed at how pretty she is, BTW.)

(BTW #2: If you need a giggle sometime, randomly shout “Bowsprit!” some time around a group of non-sailors. You’ll be amused at the looks on their faces.)

Kris and I visted her last Friday, by the way. All the non-mast electronics are installed, we got to experience how nicely the heater warms up the cabin, and generally admire the beautiful work CSR Marine has done so far.

Here’s a fish-level view of the sprit.

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